Possible Problems With Car AC


The car AC is an essential accessory that will let you travel with ease and comfort. Despite all its significance, there are times when ease transforms into inconvenience. There are several reasons that the car Ac stops working.  The reasons can be many. The things can vary from minor to major. It is essential to learn about these problems to go for the car air conditioning repairs before things go out of hand.

Here are the five common causes behind the possible AC problem.

  1. Leaking refrigerant

Whether in your home or in your vehicle, the air conditioner requires a refrigerant to keep the interiors cool. It is just like the fuel for the engine. When the temperature outside is low, and it is winters around, the refrigerant may leak out. It is due to the dry seals. If the car starts losing the refrigerant, it will not work the way it should. You can either get the leak detectors or go to the service providers to ensure swift and timely service.


  1. Out of order cooling fan

The faulty cooling fan is another cause of the malfunctioning car air conditioning system. The fan protects your engine when the AC is operating. In case the fan stops working, the car will start releasing the hot air. The fan stops working if it is not cleaned regularly. It is essential to take care of the temperature switch, electric connections, and fuses. If you are tired of AC-related issues, you need to visit Shepparton automotive services for the right solution.

  1. Out of order condenser

In case the condenser has stopped working, the condensation will not happen the way it is required. This also happens when you are negligent about the maintenance of the compressor. The defect will cause leakages, and ultimately the AC will stop working. The leakage can be traced when you see some greenish oily residues near the compressor. The faulty radiator can also ruin the drive belt, wiring, and other connections.

  1. Electric failure

The AC of the car also works like the domestic AC. It requires a continuous electric supply. In case there is a disruption in the electric system, the car AC will stop working. If the electric problems are not resolved in time, you may lose connections, resulting in heavy acid build-up. The acid can damage the system and cause corrosion. When you are late going to the Shepparton automotive services, you may have to lose the car.

These are just a few reasons that compel you to visit the car’s air conditioning repairs.