How To Buy The Right Sherrin Football

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Football is a popular game worldwide and so is this in Australia. The rules and modes of game may vary but the thrill of the game remains there.  Whether it is a game on the gaming ground or it is just a friendly day out experience with the friends and family, the football fever is always there. To make the best out of the time you are busy kicking the football it is essential to go to the right shop like the Geelong Football club shop so that you can get the right accessories and right equipment. This will let you enjoy every moment without any possible problem coming your way on the ground.

If you are trying to get the right football from the AFL shop then here is all you need to know about the different types of Sherrin footballs that you can choose from.

Sherrin KB balls

These balls are popular because they were constructed according to the decided specifications of AFL. These KB balls are made with high quality leather and this makes it just the right choice for the everyday training session and the actual match days. What makes it really popular is the manufacturing. The unique way of hand stitching every single piece gives it a perfect look. The strength is further uplifted due to the Polyurethane coating. It is a water and weather resistant feature that adds ages to the ball when it is being used for the gameplay.  

Sherrin Precision Balls

To facilitate the pros and the beginners while training the expertise of the great coach Mark Williams were materialised to create just the right training ball in the form of the uniquely designed Sherrin Precision balls. The spine line appears clearly that makes it pretty easy to learn how to kick and kick precisely. It is the easiest way to train your eyes for the visual guidance. Such balls are popular among the owners and players of the various AFL clubs. It is for this reason that if you are looking for this great choice you need to visit places like Geelong football club shop.

Sherrin match balls

These balls are very similar to the Sherrin KB balls in their construction and structure. They are specially designed for the grass surfaces. They are created out of the durable materials. The construction is further boosted due to the unique Polyurethane coating and the individually done dual stitching. It is for the multiple reasons that it is used both for training and game sessions.

KB replica weather pro balls

As you step in the AFL shop and want to get a safe choice for the humid conditions you can think of getting the amazing wet weather footballs. The composite leather, innovative constructive with the perfect grip on the ground makes it all safe for the most humid conditions. Please visit for more information.