Gravimetric Feeder Vs Volumetric Screw Feeder

Construction process requires a lot of planning which includes the whole procedure as to what materials should be used and how the work will be carried out. This entails huge amount of hard work and time from the workers, therefore  getting your hands on the reliable and useful products that will provide you comfort during the work is the first step that one should invest more time in it.

The volumetric screw feeder is composed of a screw conveyor that is used to discharge products at a certain speed, along with that it measures the products that are being inserted in it. When adding the product in the volumetric screw feeder it needs to be ensured that  the material entering in the screw feeder must be of a bulk density. There are several advantages and disadvantages of the volumetric screw feeder, the very first benefit is that they are relatively of low cost. Additionally, they have the good dosing cylinder and lastly the motor speed has a wide ranging options such that the speed range is quite wide and one can choose either speed for the work. However, on the other hand there are quite few disadvantages of volumetric screw feeder. The first is that there is lack of monitoring options available and has restricted control  over the product quality. But nonetheless the volumetric screw feeder can be customised for you and we promise not to compromise the quality of the product that we provide the customers.

On the contrary there is gravimetric feeder which is used to measure and control the material’s weight that is being discharged. It consists of a volumetric feeder with a weighing system and for the self calibrating gravimetric feeder if there is a slight change in the material or product flow the stepper motor changes its speed as per its requirement. There are some advantages and disadvantages of the gravimetric feeder. The first advantage is that the it is easy and effective to operate and it does have monitoring features included in it. Moreover, the operating power allows you to have full control on the quality of the product. Also it has the same wide ranging options for the speed and one can choose from them and not only that it has an accurate dosing cylinder. On the other hand it also entails disadvantages such that it is more expensive than the volumetric screw feeder. And also it is very time consuming.

So do not miss out the chance to get the best and reliable product such as the volumetric screw feeder and get your hands on the products of your liking. Do give us a call or message us and we will gladly assist you.