Categories Of Cladding And Replacing Weatherboards


Cladding refers to the covering of the material that proffers more protection to the surface. Several companies proffer the services of replacement, renovation, and newly made installation. In this section, we will categorize the cladding. Along with their implementation, and manipulation is also be discussed.

Australian Standard Cladding:

Australian standard cladding proffers the services in the number of the installation of the cladding types. The hardwood timber cladding to the softwood, Australian standard cladding professional plays a crucial role in this regard.

  • The hardwood timber cladding is mostly manipulated at the exterior side of the building. As hardwood timber cladding has to bear the harsh environment, In this regard, white oak cladding is more suited. It can retain its properties for 40 to 60 years. There are options to paint the white oak. It proffers a traditional look.
  • While the softwood includes the Red Cedar wood that is more suited for the interior cladding. This mode of soft timber cladding can retain its properties for 40 to 60 years. Besides its durability, it is cost-effective, has an aesthetic smell. It is light weighted, resists weathering, and is more sustainable.

Internal Wall Cladding Materials:

The internal wall cladding has its charm. The stone, ceramic, or any metallic cladding is equally suited as the internal wall cladding materials. Here, we will discuss some of them:

  • The stone cladding is more suited to internal wall cladding material for the entrance area. These may be a lift area at the commercial building or the entrance of the residential place. It proffers the contemporary feel to the observer.
  • The timber cladding is one of the cost-effective internal wall cladding materials that are manipulated in balconies and terrace areas.

Replacing Weatherboards:

No doubt, with time, the building has to face the weathering process. Weathering refers to a process in which the building material got degraded by environmental factors. The weatherboards are also referred to as the cladding techniques in which the wood or other stainless steel material is attached at the edge point. The purpose of the weatherboard is to pour out the rainwater from the roof. . The cladding that is manipulated in replacing the weatherboard may be timber or any sort of metal stripes that can be painted too to prolong the life span. The replacing weatherboards make the residential place more worth. When a less area is damaged, a carpenter may replace an adjacent part in the place of torn one. The cleaning, patching, and painting are the main concern of replacing weatherboards. Several textures are implemented with the cladding. Polyvinyl products are also used frequently in replacing weatherboards.